Safety Guard Protection & Partitioning Systems

Safety guards protect machine operators and maintenance personnel from injury by preventing them from inadvertently entering or encroaching on danger zones in production facilities and assembly lines.

The safety guard system meets the highest demands on safety, flexibility and design.  Clamping profiles made of anodised aluminium with smooth, easy-clean outer surfaces form the basis of the safety guard system and are available in a wide range of versions for a broad spectrum of applications. Frames made with these profiles offer optimum insertion depths for the fixing of panels made of zinc-coated wire mesh, polycarbonate, acrylic glass or Trespa. Clamping bars are pressed against the panel by clamping screws and ensure that the guard or panes with a wall thickness of one to ten millimetres sit securely. They are also able to easily accommodate any tolerances in pane thickness. Lockable swing/sliding doors that can be coupled with the machine control system enable controlled access and halt the plant as soon as the lock is opened.

Flexible safety guard system for maximum customisation

Using special Click&Safe connection elements, the safety guard elements can be fastened safely to pillars made from Aluminium. Depending on their application, the posts themselves can be fixed firmly to the floor using special feet or connected directly to the machines. The connection elements not only facilitate assembly, they also offset small angle deviations and height differences between the posts and the guard elements. They are one of very few systems of their kind to fully comply with Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

This is because, even though no special tools are required for installing the guard, it can only be dismantled using a special unlocking tool.

The system has no set dimensions. The sizing of individual elements and of the overall system is determined primarily by your needs, particularly in relation distances to sources of danger. Safety distances for upper and lower limbs are defined by the standard DIN EN ISO 13857. Once the material to be used in the fence elements and the distance from the source of danger are known, it is possible to design the optimum housing, whereby we enable dimensioning of the safety guard elements and posts in millimetre increments. This makes the system extraordinarily flexible and adaptable.


  • Stable safety guard system made of aluminium profiles
  • Installed by our experienced Installation Engineers
  • Clamping profiles allow a wide variety of panel elements to be installed
  • Smooth, easy-clean outer surfaces, attractive design
  • Comprehensive range of accessories that complies with the new EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC

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