About Us

ICAM Manufacturing Solutions specialise in the Design & Manufacture of Ergonomic Workstations, Work Benches and Safety Guarding for specific tasks to adapt businesses to increasing health and safety awareness.

Changing workpiece sizes, upgrades in production processes or the requirement for modern LEAN workstations all require individually designed or modifiable workbenches. The aim is to minimise the physical strain on employees – based on academic findings, this leads to an increase in productivity of up to 15 percent.

Given that the demands for a workstation can be very different, ICAM Manufacturing Solutions has developed a standard suite of products that can be purchased online, alternatively we can also design a bespoke solution to suit your requirements.

Static basic models or height adjustable workstations can be purchased online and equipped individually using various accessories available to compliment your needs. Any individual bespoke design can be quoted and manufactured as required. 

We also produce Parts/Kanban Trolleys of various sizes and specifications which can be purchased online, or we can manufacture something to suit your needs.

Contact us now to find out more about what we do and see if we can assist your business. We can arrange a site visit to review your requirements, and produce a design to suit your needs. Call us on 01782 561359, and our experienced staff will be more than happy to assist you.